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Web Parish offers a UNIQUE Parish Listing
There are many listings of Catholic Churches on the Internet. Web Parish listings are unique because our Internet listing for a parish is presented as a free home page - a 1-page website.

Your FREE home page can stand on its own as a website because of the traditional Catholic links on every FREE home page.

The web address to your free home page is simple and easy to remember.

If you would like more information about your free homepage, or how to upgrade it, Contact Web Parish.

Upgrade Option 1 - ADD Photo & Info

$20 Processing Fee or FREE through a Sponsor


ADD A CHURCH PHOTO:  One way to upgrade your free home page is to add a photo of the parish church or a picture of the saint or saints the parish is named after.

ADD ADDITIONAL INFO:  A Parish Listing gives the parish name, address, and phone number on a free home page. Add further information - such as, the pastor's name, mass times, office hours, and so on.

To see how just adding a church photo and some additional information really enhances a free home page, See Example

Your parish office may not have the Internet. However, many parishioners do have the Internet, as do many non-parishioners in your area. Until you find someone in your parish to update your website using option 2 or until you can find a monthly sponsor, this low-priced home page upgrade gives your parish a professional looking site. It is easy to find a sponsor to pay this one time $20 fee. Even though your parish information is unchanging with this option, many of the provided Catholic links do change daily and provide a wealth of information. Such a dynamic website will draw Internet users to come back to your site often.

Upgrade Option 2 - ADD Easy-To-Update Links To Your Parish Info

$45 Setup Fee Plus $25 per month Leasing Fee or FREE through a Sponsor or Two

The best way to upgrade your homepage is to further personalize it by adding links to your parish information.

Our Chapel
Our Mission
Our School
Our Cemetery
Mass Time Schedule
Welcome Newcomers
Prayer Request
Mass Ministers Schedule
Message Board
Upcoming Parish Events
Fund Raisers
Our easy-to-use update capability allows us to present web pages that normally would have weekly changes made to them; such as, Mass Ministers Schedule, Mass Time Schedule, Welcome Newcomers, Upcoming Parish Events, Fund Raisers, and a Message Board.

We also offer the obvious links like History, Personnel, Map/Directions, Sacrament Information, and Ministries listings (including contact info if you like) that don't require changes as often.

Designed to meet the needs of any parish, there are 4 pages that are open to design for any topic. Even the name of these links can be changed. Feature a school, cemetery, chapel, mission, or special event or person.

EASY TO UPDATE:  Our programmers have developed easy-to-use Upgrade Pages for you. All the user has to do is login with a user name and password, select the page to change, type in the current information about their home parish, and click on UPDATE. No Internet in your office? No problem. A parishioner who has the Internet can update parish information at any time of the day!

UPGRADES CAN BE FREE:  There is a very reasonable $45 setup fee and $25 monthly lease fee to upgrade a free homepage to a fully functional website. If a sponsor pays the $25 monthly fee in exchange for an ad on their parish website, the parish has a website worth a few thousand dollars for ONLY the $45 setup fee or FREE if sponsors pay for this also.

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